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 Each week we interview important global figures in macro finance and economics. We explore classical supply side economics, MMT, macro-trends, hard money theory, political economy and much more. The world is changing rapidly  and it’s never been more important to have access to the best thinking on the issues that matter.

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Alan Moran – Regulation And Markets

Alan Moran – Regulation And Markets

In this wide ranging discussion I am joined by Dr. Alan Moran from Regulation Economics. Alan has an extensive career at the highest levels of government regulatory organisations and has a unique insight upon how government can impact a free market economy. He also has vast experience in environmental and infrastructure planning regulation.

Nathan Lewis – The Possibility of Hyperinflation

Nathan Lewis – The Possibility of Hyperinflation

In this episode we welcome back Nathan Lewis to share some powerful insights from his new publication The Polaris Letter. We discuss the risk of hyperinflation in the current global environment of debt, expanding money supply and stimulus. Make sure you check out Nathan’s new Polaris Letter here

Doug Noland – The Terminal Phase of The Greatest Credit Bubble In History

Doug Noland – The Terminal Phase of The Greatest Credit Bubble In History

Doug Noland has been a student of credit bubbles for his entire professional life. His macro analysis is among the best in the business and his understanding of the current global situation is profound. In this special interview Doug shares his insights into current market distortions and what they suggest about the road ahead. He is the author of the widely read and respected blog, the Credit Bubble Bulletin.

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