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The Supply Side

The Supply Side Podcast is for everyone who believes economies flourish when people produce goods and services that other people actually want. We talk low taxes, stable money, entrepreneurship and business development with the best thinkers on banking, investment and markets in the world. We prepare you for what happens when the bubbles finally pop.


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About The Supply Side

We find ourselves in the midst of a vast, unstableĀ and global experiment in the stimulation of demand and the management of political economy.

When the time horizon of elected officials is two terms at best then decisions impacting the lives of billions of people grow short sighted and often compromised. Hard decisions are not taken. Important change is bogged down in political sclerosis and crony capitalism.

The Supply Side Podcast is a way for like-minded people to discuss the importance of building stronger economies and cultures. How? By focusing upon the forces that encourage entrepreneurship and business and empower the flourishing of a vibrant and sustainable civic order.


Jonathan Doyle

Jonathan Doyle

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Recent Episodes


Doug Noland – The Terminal Phase of The Greatest Credit Bubble In History

Doug Noland has been a student of credit bubbles for his entire professional life. His macro analysis is among the best in the business and his understanding of the current global situation is profound. In this special interview Doug shares his insights into current market distortions and what they suggest about the road ahead. He is the author of the widely read and respected blog, the Credit Bubble Bulletin.

Dan Oliver – Myrmikan Capital

Dan Oliver is the author of an important upcoming book called Golden Tears and is also the founder of the respected research firm and junior miner specialists, Myrmikan Capital. In this fascinating interview Dan takes us on a journey into the incredible history of King Louis XIV, the banking machinations of John Law, the establishment of the Mississippi Company and the resulting credit bubble and much more.

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The Supply Side

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