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Meet The Host

Jonathan Doyle

Jonathan Doyle

Host and Founder

Jonathan Doyle is an international speaker, author, and entrepreneur who has spoken around the world to more than 400,000 people on topics related to personal development, peak performance, leadership, relationships and much more.

His pre-COVID keynote addresses include the NCEA National Convention in St. Louis Missouri to 10,000 delegates and he has been a frequent keynote speaker in the US, Asia and Europe.

He is also the founder of an influential education and media business that delivers training content to hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals around the world on a weekly basis.

Jonathan holds an undergraduate degree in Education from the University of Canberra, a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management from the University of Newcastle and has also undertaken post-graduate study in philosophical anthropology. More recently he has completed further post-graduate studies at the University of Oxford Said Business School in Crypt0-Economics and Blockchain Business Strategy as well as BlockChain Business Studies at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

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