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 Each week we interview important global figures in macro finance and economics. We explore classical supply side economics, MMT, macro-trends, hard money theory, political economy and much more. The world is changing rapidly  and it’s never been more important to have access to the best thinking on the issues that matter.

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Plutarch And Supply Side Economics

Plutarch And Supply Side Economics

Plutarch famously stated, “An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.” After almost 2000 years of history his words seem to have some pressing implications for our current political economy.

Mike Kendall Man on the Margin

Mike Kendall Man on the Margin

Mike Kendall is the author of the Man on The Margin blog and a prodigious writer on classical economics, gold price signals, gold standards, supply side theory, cryptocurrencies and so much more.

Nathan Lewis And The Magic Formula

Nathan Lewis And The Magic Formula

Nathan Lewis is a global expert on gold standards, macro economics, economic history and so much more. In this comprehensive discussion we explore the central thesis of his latest book, “The Magic Formula.’

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